The cottage beach chair kit for everyone

The real beach chair for your garden!

Screw - Sit - Chill

Our brand Hütten-Strandkorb

Current models


Basic model

Spruce hut beach chair
- untreated -

ab 1.990,00 € inkl. MwSt.

Lärche Hütten-Strandkorb - Jägerlook

Individual design

Larch cottage beach chair
hunter look

ab 2.190,00 € inkl. MwSt.

Bestelltisch mit Staufunktion!

Add-on piece of furniture

New in the programme!
Side table with storage function

ab 750,00 € inkl. MwSt.

Common features of our cottage beach chairs

Whether supplied as a kit or individually fully assembled, our cottage beach chairs have one thing in common:
they can be dismantled at any time.
You can also replace any component on your cottage beach chair after years.
For you, this means that you get a piece of furniture that is also sustainable for you in the long term.

Our hut stand basket also has the special feature that you can use the seats with high-back cushions.
That is, You can remove the seat cushions at any timein order to spare you accordingly.
Be it because of the weather conditions or stray animals that could damage the upholstery.

Our cottage beach chair also has the functions of a standing basket:
Tilt functions for sun protection to the front or for sun worshippers to the rear.
Possible in both directions, as in a normal standing basket!

Another highlight compared to a beach chair are our
wide armrests,
which offer comfortable seating and plenty of storage space.
No rickety folding tables, but something solid and stable.

And if all that still isn't enough, you can use the cottage beach chair
make it rotatable with our accessories
and this even sitting in the hut stand basket!

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Die Maße unseres Hütten-Strandkorbes sind:

Grundfläche: 1350 x 700 mm (Breite/Tiefe)
Mit Dachüberstand: 1650 x 1000mm (Breite/Tiefe)
Drehkranzfläche: 700 x 700 mm
Höhe: ca. 1850 mm

Der Standard Hütten-Strandkorb hat ein Gesamtgewicht von ca. 80kg!