Der Hütten-Strandkorb Funktionstisch mit viel Platz

Storage space created

Screw - Sit - Chill


Functional table in spruce

You don't always want to take the cushions inside?
You would also like to deposit other things near the cottage beach chair?
No problem.
We have created the functional table with plenty of storage space for you.
Lots of storage space, on wheels and like the cottage beach chair too,
Fitted with sturdy handles, the additional piece of furniture can be
also be used indoors as a living room table.

  • Kit milled from 3-layer pl. spruce AB/B according to
    Ö-Norm gluing SWP/2 according to EN 13353
  • Solid structural spruce NSI EN 15497
  • Surface untreated
  • 2x box handle 110mm
  • 4 hinges 40/40
  • Without decoration and accessories